NP cares for elderly man; Inspires his granddaughter to advance her nursing education

I was finishing my undergraduate in nursing at the University of Toledo in 2007 when I accompanied my grandfather to an outpatient heart failure follow-up appointment. He was followed by a nurse practitioner, Louann Bailey, CRNP, at the time. Louann took very good care of my grandfather, optimizing his quality of life and decreasing his need for frequent hospitalization for his heart failure. This meant a great deal to me because I have always been very close with my grandfather. Despite his chronic health condition, he was able to attend my undergraduate graduation ceremony and my wedding 3 years later. At one of his visits, he mentioned to Louann that I was going to finish my BSN shortly. Louann suggested I consider continuing my education as a nurse practitioner. She took time to explain the role and the program at Kent State University.

After starting my first position as a RN at Cleveland Clinic in 2008, I applied to Kent State University's Adult NP program and was accepted. I continued to work full-time as an RN while completing graduate school from 2009-2011. Louann and my grandfather were both in attendance at my nursing graduation ceremony.

My grandfather is now 92 years-old and we talk on the phone multiple times a week. He recently celebrated his 69th wedding anniversary. This September I am expecting my first child and he is expecting his first great-grandchild. Not only did Louann provide great nursing care for my grandfather, which has allowed me the opportunity to share more time with him, she also impacted my personal career choice in the process. After graduating in 2011 from KSU with my MSN, I took a position as a nurse practitioner in advanced heart failure. As a heart failure nurse practitioner the last 2-3 years, I have been able to give back to my community through nursing care and hopefully give my patients and their families the ability to spend more quality time together. I know how much that has meant to my grandfather and I.

POSTED: Wednesday, June 28, 2017 - 3:50pm
UPDATED: Wednesday, June 28, 2017 - 3:50pm
Heather Blume