Alumna establishes study abroad fund for nursing students

Rebecca Herr, '71, and husband, Eric, founded and endowed the Undergraduate Nursing Study Abroad Fund

Rebecca Herr’s (’71) advice for students is that “although they can’t be an expert at everything, they need to remain curious.” Herr’s own sense of curiosity became a passion for adventure.  Her appreciation for exploration inspired her to begin mission work in India in 1999, where she has helped mentor nursing students in various clinical areas. Noticing the lack of nursing libraries while there, Herr began collecting nursing textbooks from professors and friends to donate to the students who needed them most.

Around the same time, Herr, and her husband, Eric, also began making donations to the Kent State University College of Nursing study abroad program. They gave when they were able, knowing Kent State played an important role in nursing education. The College of Nursing is meeting the needs of learners and preparing the next generation of leaders in nursing.

Herr feels strongly that nursing students should expand their education outside of the classroom and look beyond northeast Ohio. Becoming immersed in global health issues is an essential component to prepare students for an ever-changing healthcare profession.  Due to this philosophy, Herr and her husband founded and endowed the Undergraduate Nursing Study Abroad Fund, securing an unwavering future for the program.

The college’s study abroad program provides authentic opportunities for students to develop transcultural nursing skills and become culturally responsive nurses. The global cultural experiences for which the students can elect to participate include visits to Northern Ireland, Switzerland (Geneva), Africa, Canada, Japan, Tanzania, and Italy. Throughout their time abroad, students explore the role of nurses in the care of patients from multiple and diverse cultural groups and examine global, demographic, and socioeconomic influences on healthcare.

Join Rebecca and Eric today by supporting the study abroad program. Contact Corey Hukill at or 330-672-8753 to help our students make an impact on the world.

Updated: Wednesday, February 01, 2023 11:14 AM
Katie Robertson