Center for Nursing Research Supports College of Nursing Faculty and Student Research Success

To support faculty and student research at the College of Nursing, the Center for Nursing Research (CNR) provides a full range of services to encourage, facilitate, and promote nursing research.

Assistance with Research Funding and Dissemination

An integral part of the College of Nursing, the Center for Nursing Research (CNR) strives to ensure faculty and student success with scholarly endeavors and promotes research development and programs within the College. Dr. Mary K. Anthony, Professor and Associate Dean for Research, leads and administers the CNR and provides support, leadership, and mentoring for those conducting nursing research. She is assisted by Denise Karshner, Grants Administrator, and Michele Varso, Grants Coordinator. Lynette Phillips, PhD, MSPH, an Associate Professor in the College of Public Health, provides statistical support to researchers at the CNR each semester. Wimonthip Phuangkhem, PhD candidate in the College of Nursing, works as a graduate assistant for the Center.

One primary focus of the CNR is assistance with internal and external funding for faculty and graduate student research, including many facets of grant proposal development, preparation, and submission. CNR staff provide an array of services to those seeking research and educational funding at the College and assist with funding opportunity notices, scientific review of proposals, methodological and statistical assistance, interdisciplinary or intra-agency research support, budget development and monitoring, and writing and editorial expertise. Following grant award funding, the Center provides post-award monitoring and operational support for grant implementation.

In addition to grant projects, the CNR promotes nursing research by providing manuscript assistance to CON faculty and students. Research faculty disseminate their research findings through publication of manuscripts in scholarly journals and book chapters, and CNR staff provide editorial review and assistance with manuscript drafts. Another avenue of research dissemination is through conference presentations, so CNR staff also offer assistance to faculty and students sharing their research findings at local, regional, national, and international conferences with paper and poster presentations through review and editing of abstracts and posters.

Expansion and Recognition of the College of Nursing Research Community

To support ongoing faculty scholarship, the CNR engages in a variety of other activities. Published in the fall, winter, and spring, the Center for Nursing Research newsletter recognizes faculty and student achievements such as publications, presentations, dissertation defenses, and special awards. The Center also produces an annual nursing research faculty booklet highlighting current areas of research for tenure-track research faculty. To help build and encourage scholarly comradery and shared knowledge at the College, the CNR hosts the monthly Brown Bag Engagement Series featuring current research and best practices in the field by faculty, graduate students, and other local or campus experts.

Support for College of Nursing Faculty Programs of Research

College of Nursing faculty pursue a wide range of research interests, and Center for Nursing Research staff work closely with faculty to support their programs of research. Two faculty members recently assisted by the Center for Nursing Research are Yafen Wang, PhD, RN, and Jo Dowell, PhD, CRNP, PNP, FNP-BC, both Assistant Professors in the College of Nursing who research children's health. Dr. Wang's research focuses on children's resourcefulness (cognitive-behavioral self-control skills), overeating, and physical activity and how these factors influence children's health, especially for children from disadvantaged ethnic and racial backgrounds. She is also interested in understanding how children's chronic stress and executive functions affect their resourcefulness skills and health. Dr. Jo Dowell studies delivery of healthcare services and health outcomes for children, including factors that maximize intervention fidelity. She is currently investigating asthma self-management from the child's perspective, including symptom management, shared decision-making, and communication with healthcare providers and is developing an instrument to measure this perspective.

Ya-Fen Wang
Dr. Yafen Wang
Dr. Jo Dowell
Dr. Jo Dowell

Engagement of Faculty and Student Researchers through Participation in the Midwest Nursing Research Society Annual Research Conference

Another important role for the Center for Nursing Research is to make visible the successes of faculty and students to the College of Nursing, Kent State University, and professional communities. Historically, the Kent State University College of Nursing, through coordination by the CNR, has been a substantial presence at the Midwest Nursing Research Society (MNRS) Annual Research Conference. This year, the conference will take place in Cleveland with the CON proudly serving as a co-host school.

Presentations by CON faculty highlight research success within the College of Nursing. At last year's conference, Dr. Yafen Wang received the Distinguished Abstract Award. In recent years, BSN, MSN, DNP, and PhD students have also presented their research and placed in the student poster competition. Furthermore, a number of CON faculty hold leadership positions within MNRS. Drs. Pam Stephenson and Dana Hansen have both served as chair of research sections, and most recently, Dr. Anthony was elected to serve on the Board of Directors.

At this year's meeting, the College of Nursing will have a unique call to action. For the last several months, CON faculty, support staff, and alumni have been working with David Hassler, Director of the Wick Poetry Center, and Nate Mucha, President of Each & Every, a multidisciplinary design studio. This innovative collaboration resulted in the walking poem, "SOME DAYS," showcased within a large mural on the first floor of Henderson Hall.

*SOME DAYS you'll wake up
and know
your life has a purpose...
let it write your story

Using the model from our poem "SOME DAYS," CON faculty will invite scientific colleagues attending the MNRS Annual Research Conference to share their stories about the impact of nursing science related to the conference theme: The Future of Nursing Research: Economic Realities and Creative Solutions. College of Nursing faculty hope to tell the story of the impact of nursing science in poetry form and give conference participants a voice in writing this story.

Contact the Center for Nursing Research

Faculty and students in the College of Nursing who are interested in pursuing the many services offered by the Center for Nursing Research are encouraged to contact the CNR at (330) 672-8767 or

*An excerpt from "SOME DAYS," a walking poem comprised of Kent State University College of Nursing faculty, student, and alumni voices, in collaboration with the Kent State Wick Poetry Center. Read the full poem at
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