Kent State College of Nursing Simulation Lab Introduces New Video Technology

The Olga A. Mural Simulation Lab at Kent State University College of Nursing recently began using livestream and video recording software to create a collaborative learning and evaluation environment. The simulation lab, which provides students with the opportunity to safely experience realistic situations and practice scenarios, is using LearningSpace®, a web-based learning management system and audiovisual recording software.

Designed by CAE Healthcare, the software works in collaboration with video cameras and simulation manikins. The cameras are positioned in different areas and at various angles around the simulation lab to capture and broadcast student-patient interaction while simultaneously syncing data from a manikin. This data helps provide the instructor with a complete picture of the students’ knowledge and skills. Starting this fall, all simulation classes will have video recording capability.

“Kent State is using this software to enhance our current practices in simulation,” said Jennifer Shanholtzer, MSN, RN, simulation lab co-coordinator and lecturer. “We are creating a database of simulation recordings instructors can use as teaching tools in the classroom.”

As instructors observe the simulation through a livestream video, they annotate feedback or select comments from a predetermined checklist to consistently measure objectives and evaluate students’ skill sets. These comments are attached to specific timeframes in the video, which is then saved as a recording. At the same time, livestream monitors placed in classrooms allow students to observe, learn from and complete peer reviews on classmates who are actively participating in a simulation. During a debriefing meeting, the instructor and students review the recordings and pinpoint aspects of the simulation that went well or need improvement.

For online students and faculty who are not located on campus, the software can be accessed with an internet connection and login, allowing them to watch a broadcasted livestream video of the simulation lab on their personal computers while still participating in the evaluation and review process.

“In addition, recorded sessions will help us train Kent State theater students how to be mock patients for future simulations,” said Shanholtzer. 

About Kent State University’s College of Nursing

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POSTED: Wednesday, July 13, 2016 09:36 AM
UPDATED: Thursday, December 08, 2022 05:51 PM
Mariah Gibbons