Kent State Geauga Alum Excels in Nursing Field

From Touch Point Online Magazine, Vol. III, Issue 1 – 3/28/19
Mike Braun

What do you do when you have a degree and are working – but still have hopes to take that next step in your career? For some, regional campuses provide that perfect blend of availability, flexibility and expertise needed to help you take that next step. For local alumnus, Mike Braun, ’13, Kent State University at Geauga gave him the opportunity and support to further his career dreams of becoming a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthesiologist (CRNA) while working full time.

“I decided to pursue nursing as a second career in order to provide more direct help to others, provide a better financial future for myself and my family and job security,” says Mr. Braun. Mr. Braun graduated from Marietta College in 2007 with a Bachelor of Science in Biology before deciding on a career change from research to nursing. “I attended Kent State for my second degree and was able to continue to work full time while receiving my education on a full-time basis,” says Mr. Braun.

Kent State at Geauga was close to Mr. Braun’s home and allowed him to work full time at the Cleveland Clinic in the Biomedical Engineering Department as a research technologist as well as attend classes easily. Mr. Braun credits his mother and sister for helping him find his passion to pursue nursing and earn his degree. “I used their advice and went back for my second career and received my BSN from Kent State at Geauga,” Mr. Braun says.

Kent State provided Mr. Braun with an opportunity to continue life-long learning and helped prepare him to become a CRNA. In 2013, Mr. Braun graduated from Kent State at Geauga Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Science in nursing.

Since 2014, Mr. Braun has been working in the surgical intensive care unit at Cleveland Clinic’s Main Campus as a registered nurse (RN). Mr. Braun succeeds in his unit as head preceptor in which he plans, assesses and manages the care of critically ill, post-operative patients. He also holds advanced certifications in critical care.

Mr. Braun will continue his education at Michigan State University's College of Nursing Doctor of Nursing Practice program for Nurse Anesthesia in May 2019. On top of all of Mr. Braun’s hard work and education, he recently found time to travel. He traveled to Mexico, Jamaica, Yellowstone, Switzerland, and Italy where he got married.

As for the rest of his future, Mr. Braun believes that he has retained the necessary skills and education from Kent State at Geauga to continue to succeed. “My time at Kent State at Geauga gave me a great foundation to begin my nursing career,” Mr. Braun says. “The professors and clinical staff at Kent State prepared me for many of the daily challenges that I face in my nursing career.”

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