Kent State Nursing Faculty Recognized as a 2018 Outstanding Teaching Award Recipient

Award recipients are among most dedicated, highly effective, motivated professors

Nursing faculty member, Mary Kutchin, MSN, RN, CNS, received an Outstanding Teaching Award as she was preparing her students for an exam on Friday, October 5, 2018.  A surprise committee announced to the class that Kutchin had been selected as one of three 2018 Outstanding Teaching Award Recipients at Kent State University. Each year, Kent State honors full-time, non-tenure track and part-time faculty members who are nominated by their students and peers for being among the most dedicated, highly effective and motivated professors at the university.  

“It was very exciting. It is an honor to be acknowledged and receive this award,” said Kutchin. “I am overwhelmed students took the time to nominate me, but very grateful.” 

Kutchin was nominated by students who believe she is a strong communicator and there to help whenever a need arises. Students explained they get excited to attend her classes and love her teaching style, which includes using real life examples to explain any subject matter to her classes.

­“Professor Kutchin is the type of leader that every university wants in their classrooms, the type of teacher every parent wishes their college student had, the nurse that patients want to advocate for them and the go-to person every student needs,” said Lindsey Lucas, a spring 2018 BSN graduate.

Additionally, students appreciated that Kutchin challenges them while still maintaining fun, entertaining lessons in the classroom.

“She challenges her students to ‘think like a nurse,’” said Kaitlyn Parker, a spring 2018 BSN graduate. “If a student is struggling to come to the answer Mary wants, she is more than willing to help the student by guiding them through the thinking process.”

Wanting to inspire change and improve patient care, Kutchin values student feedback as it allows her to better evaluate the effectiveness of her courses.

“I like to talk with groups of students to learn what they found most valuable or what assignments were least helpful,” said Kutchin. “One course has an interdisciplinary, multi-patient simulation experience that students have said they find impactful for their development into their future role as an RN.”

A faculty member at Kent State University since 2012, Kutchin teaches a variety of courses in the College of Nursing, including: Integration of Leader-ship and Management in Nursing (Course Coordinator), Nursing of the Critically Ill, and Comparative Health Care: Nursing in Northern Ireland. Additionally, she is a Pre-licensure Testing Coordinator for Kaplan and has significant experience in hospital administration and nursing leadership, including familiarity in both line management and staff management positions. She is familiar with project management and consults for healthcare organizations. Using her expertise in accreditation standards, Kutchin has developed and managed programs for case management and disease management. She has given many professional presentations and serves as a Journal Reviewer for Nurse Educator. Kutchin earned her BSN from the University of Akron and her MSN from Kent State University. She is currently pursuing her Ph.D. in Nursing at Kent State University.

“Mary Kutchin is an outstanding faculty and is a leader in preparing the next generation of nurses,” said College of Nursing Dean Barbara Broome, Ph.D., RN, FAAN. “The College of Nursing is proud to have Mary and her gift of knowledge that she freely shares in her daily encounters with others.”

Former College of Nursing Outstanding Teaching Award recipients include Mary Bacha (2015), Melissa Dyer (2014), Mary Beth Lukach (2012), Tracey Motter (2004), and Nancy Panthofer (2002).


The Outstanding Teaching Award is presented by the University Teaching Council. The three award recipients will be honored at the University Teaching Council’s Celebrating College Teaching conference luncheon and awards ceremony on Oct. 19, 2018.





PHOTO CUTLINE: Mary Kutchin (third from right) was surprised to learn she was selected as one of three 2018 Outstanding Teaching Award Recipients during her Friday morning class. Mary is joined by (from left) Mary Bacha, MSN, RN, Tracey Motter, DNP, RN, Dean Barbara Broome, Ph.D., RN, FAAN, Melissa Dyer, MBA, RN, and Jeremy Jarzembak, MA, BSN, BS, RN. 

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Mariah Gibbons