KSU Nursing Graduate Helps Save Lives

Kraig Brechbuhler is a survivor of a miraculous cardiac arrest. According to a story by organizers of the 2014 Stark/Wayne American Heart Association Heart Walk, Brechbuhler was training with his wife for the Columbus Marathon in July 2013. During their cool-down walk, he collapsed.

Paramedics attempted to resuscitate Brechbuhler at the scene and on the way to the hospital, but there was no response. By the time they arrived at Mercy Hospital, his heart was still not beating.

At Mercy, he was put on a ventilator and was given a special treatment to cool down his body to help prevent brain damage. His family waited patiently for over a day while this treatment was completed.

The team at Mercy included Eric Ambrus, an alumnus of Kent State University's College of Nursing and Robert Wood Johnson Foundation scholar, as well as the team leader Dr. Steven Hirsch and persons named Josh, Alexis and Jenn. They played a critical role in Brechbuhler's recovery.

Brechbuhler and his wife described the team at Mercy as "kind and caring people." Their gratitude to the team is very "heartfelt," according to the article.

Brechbuhler has now recovered and is working to get his life back together. He ran his first 5k race since his cardiac arrest on March, 17, 2014.

Kraig Brechbuhler with family and team from Mercy