Study Abroad

The College of Nursing offers multiple study abroad opportunities that enable you to study health care with a global perspective.

Each summer, nursing students travel to Londonderry, Northern Ireland; Geneva, Switzerland, and; Florence, Italy to study. While there, you will learn with international experts and earn academic credits toward your degree.

Northern Ireland

May 20 - May 31, 2019

University of Ulster, McGee Campus, in Londonderry, Northern IrelandThis two-week intensive study abroad includes seminars at the University of Ulster, Magee Campus and in select clinical settings.

Expand your worldview and gain diverse perspectives on healthcare by examining the cultural, political, and economic forces influencing health care, nursing needs and health disparities in Northern Ireland. Compare and contrast nursing education, practice, and regulation along with healthcare disparities between Northern Ireland/United Kingdom and in the United States.

The application period for 2019 has ended.

Course: NURS 40089 International Health Care Policies
Credits: 3 credits
Faculty Contact: Mary Kutchin (mkutchin [at]

Geneva, Switzerland

May 18 - Jun. 1, 2019

Outside of the WHOExplore a number of health concerns, policies, and challenges with global importance and implications. Investigate current global health policies and themes, and become familiar with the major players in global health including governmental and nongovernmental organizations and multinational agencies. Observe health officials from around the globe debate and decide health policies at the office of the United Nations in Geneva – the European headquarters of the UN.

Tours of the World Health Organization headquarters, European UN Palais, and the International Red Cross/Red Crescent Museum will be an integral part of the course. Students will experience the diversity of Geneva, one of the world’s greatest multicultural cities.

The application period for 2019 has ended.

Course: NURS 40089 International Health Care Policies
Credits: 3 credits
Faculty Contact: Dr. Yvonne Smith (ysmith [at]

Florence, Italy

May 29 - Jun. 30, 2019

Photo of Florence, ItalyThe Florence Health Institute is an opportunity for students who are pursuing a career in Nursing, Public Health, or any related field, to study the impacts of their field through an international lens.

In this creative and interprofessional study abroad experience, students will study in Florence for one month during the summer for a total of seven (7) credits. All courses will be offered at both the undergraduate and graduate level in order to satisfy a variety of students’ academic needs.

The application period for 2019 has ended.

Courses & Credits:

  • NURS 40089 International Health Care Policies (3 credits)
  • Plagues that Shaped the World (3 credits)
  • MCLS 10095 Italian for Medical Professionals (1 credit)

Faculty Contacts: Dr. Pamela Stephenson (pstephe2 [at] and Jennifer Shanholtzer (jshanhol [at]

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