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Paid Learning Experiences


Off-Campus Federal Work Study

This program is focused on providing opportunities for students to work in community service positions in the surrounding area. Current Off-Campus Partners include; Akron Public Schools/Project Grad, Akron Urban League, Coleman Professional Services, Family and Community Services, Freedom House, The Junction, King Kennedy Community Center, Ohio Genealogical Society, Place of Peace, and Shelter Services.


Contact the Office of Experiential Education and Civic Engagement at  Click for additional information on the Off-Campus Federal Work Study experience.

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CoOPERATIVE (Co-op) Course

Cooperative Education ("Co-op") is an academic focused program which allows students to obtain professional work experience while still in college. It is a unique opportunity for students to apply their academic preparation to "real world" situations and settings. Co-op programs provide students the opportunity to combine classroom study with periods of paid professional employment directly related to a student's major and career goals.

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