Getting Started with ProctorU

To start an exam with ProctorU, please follow the steps below:

  • As long as you schedule your exam at least three business days in advance of when you would like to take the exam, there is no fee to you; should you schedule with less than three days notice, ProctorU will charge you between $5 and $10 for the privilege of taking the exam with less notice.
  • To schedule your exam and to find out more about the ProctorU service, please visit If you do not see your exam listed on the ProctorU website, please contact your instructor; the ProctorU service is only available for online courses (those that are 100% online, 100% online with set meeting times, or at least 50% online) and your course may not be eligible if it is a traditional face-to-face course.
  • Please note that, typically, only the midterm and final examinations are available via the ProctorU service.