How Physical Test Proctoring Works


  • You select the proctor site that is most convenient to you, IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO CALL THE SITE AND MAKE A RESERVATION FOR TESTING.
    • If you are testing at a Kent State University campus, please have the instructor contact that campus with details of the exam prior to the scheduling of the exam and to authorize the campus to administer the test to you.
    • If you are testing somewhere other than a Kent State University campus, At least five business days before your exam, fill out and submit the online form to notify (KSU or instructor) of your proctoring arrangement. If you are planning to use a proctoring site OTHER than those on the list below, see the bottom of this page for proctor qualifications.
  • Arrive at the testing location promptly at the scheduled time. Students arriving late may be asked to reschedule their appointments based upon facility resources.
  • Take the exam at the testing location; the proctor will administer the exam exactly to the directions provided by the instructor. Questions that arise about the exam should be directed to the instructor after the testing has completed.
  • The exam will be returned to the instructor per the instructions provided by the instructor.