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General Academics

Academic Calendar: What Can I Expect for Spring 2022?

Spring 2022

Our schedule follows the traditional format, beginning Jan. 18 and ending May 3, with finals week May 5-11.  Spring break will occur from March 28-April 3, 2022. The full calendar can be found here.


Course Schedule: Questions and answers

Where do I find my course schedule?

To see your course schedule, log in to your FlashLine account and go to the Student > Resources > Courses and Registration and choose “View or Print Course Schedule and Purchase Textbooks.”

How do I understand my course schedule?

Access a sample schedule with explanations to help you understand how to read your class schedule. The sample schedule will clarify instructional methods, location of class deliveries, course status, special fees and more. If you have any further questions about your schedule, contact your academic advisor for assistance. 

How do I change my schedule?

To change your schedule, log in to your FlashLine account and go to the Student > Resources > Courses and Registration. If you want courses offered only in a remote instruction, select “Remote” in the location drop-down menu. If you need assistance in updating your schedule, please reach out to your academic advisor. New students who attended summer orientation will need to contact their advisor directly for schedule changes.

What should I consider before changing my schedule?

It is important when making any change(s) to your schedule that you ensure that the course(s) you are taking will count toward your program and degree requirements. You can do so by reaching out to your academic advisor to discuss any changes you are considering.  Schedule an appointment with an academic advisor.

Is scheduling help available?

  • If you are a current undergraduate student who has registered for the 2021 Fall Semester and would like assistance with identifying a schedule that best meets your class format (in-person, remote, hybrid) needs or classes on different Kent State campuses, please contact your academic adviser or fill out this form. The completed form will be sent to an academic adviser who will contact you within one to two business days using the phone number you’ve provided. Our goal is to help you find the same or alternative courses in the format you prefer, to help keep you on your path to graduation. 
  • If you are an incoming student, you will work with an adviser during Destination Kent State (DKS) new student orientation to register. 
  • If you are a graduate student, please contact your program coordinator. 


Classes for Spring Semester 2022: Questions and answers

Spring 2022


  • We expect our classes and classrooms to be full, with all in-person and online courses offered in their intended format. 
  • Attendance is required. Students who sign up for an in-person class will be expected to attend in person. Faculty members teaching in-person classes are not obliged to offer the course using distance education technologies. However, should a COVID-19 illness, isolation or quarantine arise, instructors will follow university policy and work with any student after a legitimate absence to complete missed assignments. Remember, you are responsible for working with your instructor to make up any missed assignments in a timely manner. If you have a medical need for a semester-long accommodation, please contact Student Accessibility Services.
  • Kent State continues to adhere to the guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as interpreted by our local health officials. Following this guidance, face coverings are required by all, regardless of vaccination status, for all indoor settings on all campuses. Instructors for in-person classes may elect to not wear a face covering while teaching if they can maintain a safe distance of at least 6 feet from their students. For up-to-date information on facial covering requirements, please see Facial Covering and Physical Distancing Guidelines.
  • Instructor Illness or Absence: If the instructor for an in-person class is temporarily unable to teach in person (due to exhibiting symptoms, the need to isolate or quarantine or other circumstances in which they would have to temporarily cancel in-person classes), the instructor may choose to make short-term use of distance education technologies such as Microsoft Teams to hold synchronous, online sessions at your usual class time. In such cases, your instructor will notify you and provide a link to the virtual classroom. Except in unusual circumstances, use of online technology to hold synchronous class sessions should not extend beyond five consecutive weekdays.
  • Alternative Instruction: If your instructor is unable to teach in person and chooses not to provide synchronous, online instruction, they may cancel the class session and choose to create an asynchronous assignment using distance education technology such as Canvas. In such cases, your instructor will notify you of the class cancellation and clearly articulate their expectations for the asynchronous assignment. Except in unusual cases, the use of asynchronous, online assignments to replace in-person class sessions will be limited to a single class session.


  • Following the most recent guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as interpreted by our local health officials, face coverings are required in all indoor settings on all Kent State campuses.  For the 2022 Spring Semester, all courses traditionally held in person will be in person at full capacity. 
  • For added safety in the classroom, the university has installed needlepoint bipolar ionization units to enhance air purification and filtration in all our academic buildings. These units will help us to provide an added layer of defense against airborne viruses, as well as mold, odors and other pathogens common in inside spaces.
  • Before coming to class, students should conduct a daily self-check. Do not attend class if you have any symptoms of illness. If you are sick and cannot attend class, contact your instructor to determine how you can make up missed classwork. 
  • While in the classroom, students are required to wear a high-quality face covering. During this omicron surge, good options are a KN95 mask, a surgical mask or a face covering with two or more layers of washable, breathable fabric (preferably 50% cotton/50% polyester) that completely covers your nose and mouth, fits snugly against the sides of your face and has a pliable nose bridge that can seal around the nose. Students in need of new face coverings may find them at these locations on the Kent Campus. On Regional Campuses, check with Student Services.

Student Support Resources

Academic Resources: Additional Assistance

As a student, you may have a moment when you recognize that you can use some extra assistance in completing or planning academic work, finding new ways to take a class, finding internship opportunities and connecting with your college representatives. Kent State University offers many resources and services to help you along the path to completing your degree. Visit the Academic Resources webpage

Clinicals and Skills Labs: Questions and answers

We know that experiential learning experiences are a critical part of student learning. As part of Kent State University’s reopening effort and keeping the university community safe during the COVID-19 pandemic, several documents have been developed to provide guidance for off-campus sites hosting Kent State students.

Microsoft Teams: How do I use this platform?

My Professor is using Microsoft Teams in my course. How do I navigate this platform?

Instructors have the option to use Microsoft Teams to meet and/or facilitate class discussions. Find additional resources on the following topics at the link below: Meetings interface, Teams interface, tips for successful meetings, get help or training. 

Microsoft Teams information here

Regional Campuses Resources


Find more information on Ashtabula Campus Student Resources.  

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For campus questions by phone: 440-964-4217


Find more information on Columbiana Campus resources here.

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  • Salem 330-332-0361
  • East Liverpool: 330-385-3805

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Geauga and Twinsburg

Find more information on Geauga and TAC Resources here.

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For general campus questions, contact

University Library: What resources are available?

University Libraries provides access to thousands of online information resources and librarians are available online to help. Visit for more information.

Perusall and Cengage are also making free, digital copies of textbooks available to students for the remainder of the spring semester.