What a Proctor Does

What a Proctor Does:

  • Verify the identity of the student.
  • Verify that the student took the exam without use of unauthorized books, notes, or reference aides of any kind.
  • Remain in the room while the student takes the exam.
  • Verify that the student did not leave the room during the exam.
  • Collect all the papers and questions at the conclusion of the exam.
  • Sign an examination cover sheet verifying that the exam was supervised under the proper conditions, if required by the instructor.
  • Return the exam to the faculty member per the faculty member’s instructions.

A proctor is usually someone who is employed full-time in education. Relatives, direct supervisors, or church leaders are not approved proctors. There are several proctor sites at Kent State University. You can also choose an alternate proctor site, but must submit a request to do so five business days prior to the test date–instructions are at the bottom of this page.