Kent State Online (KSO) is excited to issue badges via Credly as evidence that earners have attended, participated in, or completed specific criteria for KSO informational sessions and workshops.

A badge is a visual indicator of accomplishment, skill, quality, or interest. A digital badge also informs the viewer of accomplishments and skills, except a digital badge is an online record of achievements.

Badges make keeping track of your professional development easier.  Instead of gathering certificates and letters of accomplishments together and then printing or scanning them so you can show them to the interested party, you can supply a link to your badges.

Displaying Your Badges

KSO will publicly issue all earned badges via Credly. When you earn a badge, you will receive an email notification of your achievement. If you want to save and share that badge, you must click on “save & share” (if you don’t have a Credly account yet, you will be prompted to create one after this step). You may view your badges via or the Credly app when you accept the badge.

For more information or questions, contact Will Turek, Projects Director, Kent State Online |