The Kent State Online Framework is more than just a framework for course development. Rather, it's a holistic process beginning with pedagogy. By delving into the design phase, you'll ensure that you're creating a course firmly rooted in your pedagogical goals, and supported with the proper assessments, content, and structure.

Essential Design

Learning outcomes

Build a strong foundation for the design of your course by creating specific, measurable outcomes. Even if you have existing or mandated outcomes, please work through this section to draft outcomes that will work well for the process of designing an online course.

Learning Outcomes guide (DOC)

Assignment plan

Assignment plan

Devise assignments that will directly measure whether students have achieved your learning outcomes. Consider the nature of the online environment as you plan activities and graded assessments that reflect interaction, active learning, and higher-order thinking.

Assignment Plan guide (DOC)


Content and organization

Extending Your Understanding

Faculty Insights

In the videos below, Kent State University faculty who teach online courses discuss their experiences in moving from Face-to-Face to online teaching, the concept of alignment and backwards design, as well as the purpose and function of rubrics.