Faculty Top 10 Tips for using Proctorio

Top ten tips to help faculty when using Proctorio: 

  1. Always use the Chrome web browser
  2. Make sure you have the Proctorio Chrome Extension installed. You can install this at getproctorio.com 
    1. Once you've added the Secure Exam Proctor tool to your course, drag it to the top of your content page. The tool should be added to the course only ONE time
  3. Do not hide the Secure Exam Proctor tool in your course. This tool is only seen by the instructor, and is not seen by the student. This tool must be visible in your course to work correctly
  4. When creating an exam with Proctorio: 
    1. Set a time limit
    2. Do NOT use the Blackboard "Force Completion" feature in conjunction with a Proctorio exam. Instead, utilize Proctorio's Prevent Re-entry setting
  5. Use Saved Profiles
    1. Default Profile
      1. Indicated by the Bookmark Icon at the top-left corner of the profile
      2. When you check “Enable Secure Proctor” as you set up the exam, the default profile and it’s settings will automatically be added to the exam
  6. Do NOT change the exam title once the exam has been created
  7. When you are on your course page in Blackboard, you can access 24/7 live chat for any questions that you may have
    1. To access live chat, click on the gray shield icon in the top right-hand corner of your Chrome browser
  8. Provide a Proctorio practice quiz for students to:
    1. Ensure that Record Video, Record Audio and Record Screen are enabled
    2. Ensure that Verify Video, Verify Audio, and Verify ID are turned on as well
    3. The practice quiz should be ungraded and have unlimited attempts. This will allow students to become familiar with Proctorio before a graded assessment.
  9. To access the Proctorio gradebook:
    1. Go to "Grade Center"
    2. Then go to "Tests"
    3. Find the exam that you want to review
    4. Click on the dropdown arrow next to the exam title
    5. Select "View Proctorio Gradebook"
  10. Faculty specific support information: 
    1. By phone at (866) 948-2039
    2. By email at support@proctorio.com

Download a copy of the Top 10 Faculty Tips (PDF)

If you need additional help, visit the Proctored Testing Support page