The Kent State Online Design to Teach (D2T) Story

That active teaching interactions are an essential component in any course at any university is manifest, but there is sometimes the mistaken belief that by recording a lecture and delivering a course online, the classroom experience has been replicated in digital form and there is little active engagement needed from the instructor. This couldn't be further from the truth. Teaching is much more than the delivery of content, and the constructive interactions between student and their instructor and between student peers are paramount to a quality learning experience on-campus or online. 

Kent State Online Design to Teach (D2T) is a framework with foundational resources to help create online courses that promote interactive, quality learning experiences. D2T outlines the essential steps for designing, building, and teaching a successful online course and provides the resources needed to make it happen. The framework is arranged sequentially to help guide your thought processes and pedagogical approach, resulting in a course that has been well-designed and is ready for teaching and learning. 

To facilitate creative endeavors, foundational pieces have been provided so that you don't have to recreate standard items each time you teach. The D2T framework includes learning management system (LMS) templates that come pre-loaded with standard course documents, such as student accessibility service statements and other student help documents. The template was designed to incorporate Quality MattersTM standards and is a foundational shell in the LMS upon which you build. Packed full of design strategy, a course template, how-to's, and best practices, the D2T framework is a powerful ally for course designers and instructors alike.