New instructors


FlashLine is the main portal to systems and tools you’ll need to access while teaching. You access the Flashline portal by going to and clicking on the FLASHLINE LOGIN button found in the top left corner. Note that your FlashLine username/password is used for many software services across Kent State University. View support information for FlashLine

Expectations for online instructors

Online instructors are expected to be engaged and active in their online courses. The instructor is expected to actively give feedback, interact with students, monitor student progress, clarify and/or add context to existing content and assessments, and create and post content where needed. View a suggested timeline for course activities.

According to the United States Department of Education, a distance course should include “regular and substantive interaction between these students and the instructor.” section § 600.2 of the Electronic Code of Federal Regulations

Faculty as members of the university is required by federal law to provide reasonable accommodations to students with disabilities. The office of Student Accessibility Services coordinates all aspects of accessibility for Kent State University. SAS provides a variety of services to faculty and also provides resources for creating accessible course content.

Using Canvas

Canvas is the course management system supported at Kent State and is the expected delivery platform for online courses. You can access Canvas from the FlashLine portal or directly at  Learn more about support for Canvas.

Student Orientation

This getting started page provides a list of comprehensive support services, including tips and tricks for getting your computer ready, strategies to be a successful online student, policies, and direct links to student academic services.