Online Workshop - Effective Online Teaching

Online Workshop

Fall dates: September 13 - October 24, 2021

2 graduate credit hours, $1072
ETEC 50093, CRN # 20556
Dr. Bethany Simunich, instructor, TLC

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Are you currently teaching an online course, or would you like to know more about effective online teaching? If you're unsure on how you can successfully transition your teaching online, or how you can have a positive experience as an online instructor, then this course is for you! This intensive, four-week workshop will help you understand why the online environment is different from the face-to-face classroom, and how to make good pedagogical choices for online teaching. In this workshop, you will learn effective online teaching strategies and methods, based on best practices and research, and also explore other topics such as instructor role, teaching presence, active learning and creating an online learning community. Please note that this course is not about designing an online course, using a specific LMS, or using particular educational technology tools. While we talk about technology and tools available for online courses, the focus is on the pedagogy of online teaching.