Preparing an Online Course for Delivery

Before delivering an online course to students, it is critical to proof the entire course in order to make sure students are able to access and interact with all course content materials. Best practice is to click through each navigation link, content item, activity, assignment, etc. to make sure the proper materials appear for students.

Using the Student Preview function is the best way to see the course as your students would view it under normal circumstances and appropriate for quickly checking how the course looks and functions during development. 

Using the Student Preview function

Step 1: Locate Student Preview button

Look in the upper right hand corner of Blackboard Learn and locate the Student Preview button (pictured). Click the button and Student Preview will launch.

Student Preview button in Blackboard Learn




Step 2: Review course

Now that the Student Preview view has been launched, you can view the course as if you were enrolled as a student. Note that when you are in Student Preview mode, you will see a wide yellow bar across the top of the page (pictured).

Student preview mode in Blackboard Learn

Step 3: Exit Preview

When you have completed your review of the course in Student Preview, you can exit this mode my clicking on the Exit Preview button on the yellow bar. The Student Preview will go away and you will be taken back to your course and can continue editing as usual.

NOTE: To enter Student Preview again, simply click the Student Preview button in the upper right hand corner.