Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions on Proctored Exams for Faculty

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About Proctored Testing

I would like to get started using test proctoring. How do I do that?
I am teaching a hybrid class; can I use test proctoring?

Yes, there are no license limits on the use of Proctorio for Fall 2020 and Spring 2021.

I am teaching a hybrid class that is less than 50% online; can I use test proctoring?

Yes, there are no license limits on the use of Proctorio for Fall 2020 and Spring 2021. 

I am teaching an in-person course and would like to use test proctoring; is that possible?

Yes, there are no licensing limits on the use of Proctorio for Fall 2020 and Spring 2021. 

About Proctorio

I currently use another proctoring vendor and would like to continue to do so; may I?

No, per the Provost’s Office, Proctorio is the standard remote test proctoring service for Fall 2018 onward.

I am happy with my current proctoring vendor; why do I have to switch?

After an extensive Request for Proposal (RFP) process which included administrators and faculty, Proctorio was chosen as the preferred vendor for automated test proctoring services for their combination of features including cost effectiveness, automation, and turn-around times on reporting. 

I have heard that Proctorio is more work for the faculty member; is this true?

While it is true that faculty will need to review reports of the exam session that are generated by the software, faculty will receive the exam session reports seconds after the exam session is done and will be able to address any concerns on the spot, thus reducing time spent addressing exam exceptions.

I have heard that Proctorio is less secure than other vendors; is this true?

No. Proctorio provides a multitude of computer lockdown options which the instructor may choose from to fit their needs. While automated platforms do not have a human proctor to intervene to stop a potential abuse of the exam rules, the software is very detailed on what occurred with no human bias.

I have large number of small assessments in my course that I would like to have proctored; may I use Proctorio for all of them?

Yes, there are no limits of any kind on the number of assessments that may be administered via Proctorio.

My students are used to not being proctored or are used to taking their exams with a different vendor; will they be as comfortable with Proctorio, being new to the system?

A survey conducted during a pilot of Proctorio reported back significantly higher student opinions of Proctorio, with a special note on less anxiety for the student since there is not a live human watching the student during the entire exam session.

I really do not want to switch to Proctorio and my department and/or college is willing to pay for the exams with a different vendor; is this still possible?

Using a Third-Party Platform

My exams are hosted on a third-party testing platform; can I use Proctorio?

Yes, depending upon the third-party platform that is in use, the configuration steps and features may vary. Please reach out to support for a consultation at