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QM Reviewers

Peer Reviewers and Master Reviewers

Serving on a QM Review for the QM Ohio Consortium 

QM Ohio provides the unique opportunity to all member institutions to exchange bartering credits for conducting QM formal reviews, rather than payment. As such, Peer and Master Reviewers within QM Ohio’s Statewide System are not financially compensated for their service, but instead earn credits for their institution which can then be applied for future QM reviews.

  • Peer Reviewers earn 1 bartering credit for Kent State per QM Ohio review
  • Master Reviewers earn 2 bartering credits for Kent State per QM Ohio review

However, if funds allow, Kent State Online tries to compensate Kent State Peer and Master Reviewers for their service. Compensation is always dependent on fund availability, so Reviewers are asked to check on funds before accepting review assignments.

  • Peer Reviewers are provided $100 per review, dependent on funds
  • Master Reviewers are provided $150 per review, dependent on funds

Keep in mind that you will earn bartering credits for Kent State even if there are no funds to additionally compensate you for your service. Reviewers who earn bartering credits for the University will have priority in putting their courses up for QM certification, should they wish to do so.


If you are asked to serve on a QM Ohio review and you would like to inquire about compensation, please email Dr. Bethany Simunich at bsimunic@kent.edu prior to accepting the review assignment. 


Serving on a QM Review for QM National


Any active Peer or Master Reviewer may be asked to serve on a review outside of Ohio. This request would come from Quality Matters or from a non-Ohio institution conducting a Subscriber-Managed Review. Reviewers are compensated for their service for these non-Ohio reviews, with compensation coming from QM National or the non-Ohio institution. If you serve on a non-QM Ohio Review, there is no need to coordinate with your Kent State Quality Matters Coordinator – you may accept or decline the review as your schedule and interest allow.