Rapid Course Development

Use the tools below to facilitate a rapid approach to online course design.

If at any point you need assistance in the process, please email keeponteaching@kent.edu

Getting Started

The following videos, resources, and exercises represent an intuitive self-driven Rapid Course Development approach to designing and building high-quality online courses faster and easier than ever. We also present the pedagogy of online learning and teaching, with resources that help you consider presence, interaction, and effective communication. 

  • Rapid Course Development: Overview (X:XX min)
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Design Essentials

Design your course efficiently and effectively using tried and true instructional design concepts specifically tailored to the online learning environment. By delving into the design phase, you'll ensure that you're creating a course firmly rooted in your pedagogical goals, and supported with the proper assessments, content, and structure. 

Additional Resources: Design Essentials
  • Learning Outcomes (3:11 min) - Build a strong foundation for the design of your course by creating specific, measurable outcomes. 
    • Download: Learning Outcomes Guide (DOCX)
  • Assignment Plan (6:00 min) - Devise assignments that will directly measure whether students have achieved your learning outcomes. 
    • Download: Assignment Plan Guide (DOCX)
  • Content & Organization (7:06 min) - Finish your course by deciding what materials students will need to support their achievement of the learning outcomes. 
    • Download: Learning Materials Guide (DOCX)
    • Download: Organizing Your Course Guide (DOCX)

Online Course Essentials

Build your course faster and easier using the Kent State Online Template for Blackboard Learn. Access a vast array of how-tos and best practices designed to develop high-quality media and create engaging course content. 

Online Teaching Essentials

Focus on teaching methods and strategies that work well in the online classroom. Visit the sections below for an overview of ideas and approaches that will help you and your students have a successful online learning experience. 

Additional Resources: Online Teaching Essentials
  • How is Online Teaching Different? (4:21 min) - Explore how the role of both the student and the instructor can change once we move from the face-to-face to the online classroom. 
    • Download: How the Online Environment Impacts the Instructor Role (PDF)
    • Download: How the Online Environment Impacts the Student Role (PDF)
  • Creating Online Teaching Presence (4:01 min) - An overview as to why we must develop and implement a plan to create presence and interaction, as well as some suggestions for creating your plan. 
    • Download: Creating Presence Online (PDF)
  • Communication & Feedback (6:40 min) - For online communication, we need to have clear policies and be proactive about communicating with students. 
    • Download: TBD (PDF)
  • Preparing to Start (4:16 min) - This section details some things to get ready prior to the start of your course, as well as a basic "timeline" to keep in mind as the course progresses. 
    • Download: Preparing For Your First Day (PDF)

We're Here to Help!

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