African American Affairs Practicum | Kent State University

African American Affairs Practicum

The Department of Pan-African Studies offers to its majors and minors, as well as students majoring in other areas, an Internship Program which provides the student with practical work experience in government, non-profit businesses or community service organizations.

This Internship Program is offered through the Department’s African American Affairs Practicum, and is available to junior and senior students who, while working as an intern, may earn 1-12 academic credit hours.  Students are placed in various agencies which match their areas of interest.  These placements are generally away from their home communities.  Sometimes students may receive compensation for the internship, though this should not be expected.

The Internship Program is limited in its possibilities only by the imagination of the students and their DPAS and placement advisors.  In addition to government and community-service internships offered locally, in the state of Ohio and in other states, there is the possibility for internships to be served in various African and Caribbean countries.

In order to gain the relevant skills, students are placed in positions at home and abroad which bring them into direct contact with African and African/American peoples who are working to build viable communities.  A major raison d’être for the Internship Program is to help students develop COMMUNITY-BUILDING SKILLS and an ATTITUDE OF SELF-RELIANCE.

At the termination of the internship, the placement organization is required to submit to the chair a detailed performance evaluation based on variables related to the elements of the internship.  Each intern will be directed to submit a self-evaluation that will among other things outline in detail the nature of the organization sponsoring her or his internship, the skills gained, the individuals he or she worked with, and the possibility for future employment in that agency or a similar agency after graduation.  No internship will not be graded using the standard University grading system, except DPAS will no t confer “Inc” grades under any circumstance.