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Faculty Workload

The Chairperson, in accord with the Collective Bargaining Agreements (Addendum C), following consultation with the Faculty Advisory Committee (FAC) and subject to approval of the Dean, will assign all teaching loads not to exceed 24 semester credit hours per academic year for tenured and tenure-track faculty and 30 semester credit hours for non-tenure-track faculty.

Generally, faculty employees are not granted workload equivalents which reduce teaching assignments by more than six credit hours per academic year.  However, extenuating demands beyond the formulation given below will determine whether a faculty member will be granted an equivalency for special services outside the classroom.  Examples include the Assistant to the Chair, Departmental Division Directors and other program or institutional directors, unless elsewhere stated differently.  In addition to assigned classroom hours, each full-time faculty member is expected to assume with professional integrity the following tasks:

8 hours for class preparation per week; and

12 office hours per week, which may include student consultation and advising, Department service, university service, community service, scholarly research and writing.

When the administration of a Departmental Division requires more than six hours per week (or more than half the minimum expected weekly office hours) and there are no extenuating Departmental needs, an equivalency of up to six semester hours may be granted with the concurrence of the Dean.

The faculty member concerned must submit substantive documentation that such a time commitment is a necessary and effective use of Departmental effort and time, in order for adjusted teaching loads to be put into effect, after being approved on the Departmental level and then recommended to the Dean.

Exceptions to this policy shall be approved by the FAC.