Center of Pan-African Culture

Center for Pan-African Culture

The Center of Pan-African Culture (CPAC) is an integral partner in the mission of the Department of Pan-African Studies. CPAC brings together the people, tools, information, and support every student needs to be academically successful at KSU. Furthermore, students will find that CPAC provides a dynamic calendar of student cultural and social activities that make the total KSU experience more fulfilling.

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Dr. Asantewa Sunni Ali, Director Center of Pan-African Culture

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Meet Asantewa Sunni-Ali, Ph.D. Director, Center of Pan-African Culture

Youth participate in an activity during the Fall 2017 Fulani Institute session.

Fulani Institute Fall 2019

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Center of Pan-African Culture presents Pan-African Festival

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CPAC is open to all who are looking for culturally diverse activities. The Center not only offers academic enrichment, but social and cultural enrichment through its promotion of local, regional, and international talent programs, international exchanges, and invitations to scholars and artists from the world over to share their ideas and experiences.

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