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Ida B. Wells/Atonkwa Village (WAV)

The Wells/Atonkwa Village Living-Learning Community is located in Wright Hall and is intended for new freshmen who are interested in issues of relevance to the African American, Latino American and Native American communities.  Students should intend to major in an area within the College of Arts and Sciences, which includes fields like Psychology, Sociology, Geology, Justice Studies, Geography, Political Science, Anthropology, Pan-African Studies, English, Languages, History, Philosophy, Fine Arts, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Math, Pre-Med, Pre-Pharmacy, Med Tech, Biotech.
This community (limited to 19 students) is intended to broaden the learning experience at KSU beyond the traditional classroom, while providing a smaller village-like setting within the larger university, in which students live and work together.  During Fall semester, students will be enrolled in First Year Experience (1), College Writing I (3), Black Experience I (3), World Geography (3), a Special Topics course in Communication Skills (1) and a Special Topics Rites of Passage (2), which for more than 20 years has strengthened the academic readiness and self-esteem of select incoming freshmen in order to improve their retention and graduation rates, as well as post-graduation success.  The first four listed courses fulfill university requirements, as do the following Spring semester courses: College Writing II (3) and Black Experience II (3).
Modeled after the traditional African village, this community is based on the following key attitudes:  
  1. That every person on earth is here to make a significant     contribution to his/her family, self, community and world.
  2. That generations of great people have preceded us and made significant sacrifices on our behalf that must be appreciated, honored and “paid forward” in our actions.
  3. That one of the key marks of a good person is the extent to which his or her actions are driven by a sense of purpose and social responsibility. 
  4. That the development of people with “good character” is the ultimate measure of the worth of a society and its likelihood of longevity. And,
  5. That we are not here to work alone but, rather, to appreciate that we are part of a living structure of interdependent organisms that must learn to share, cooperate and appreciate our inter-dependence, if we are to survive.
These students will also learn about important role models like Ida B. Wells, a late 19th-century African American newspaperwoman and activist who found within herself the courage and strength to speak truth to power. While students will, of course, have plenty of free time to themselves, they will also engage in a variety of activities together to build a strong academic foundation for success at KSU and to help develop healthy, productive and supportive relationships with peers, faculty and staff in preparation for a rewarding career.   
Why Should You Join the Wells/Atonkwa Village LLC?
  • Special programming centered on student needs, which may include speakers from a variety of major interests, faculty/student open discussion and field trips
  • Mentoring and student leadership opportunities
  • On-site study groups and study tables
  • One-on-one attention from faculty and academic advisors
  • Partnerships with students who have similar academic interests and career aspirations
  • Global education opportunities
  • Community service opportunities
  • An incredibly supportive environment!
How do you join?
You must FIRST be admitted to [/node/132526]Kent State University, then declare interest in a major/program in the [/node/60851]College of Arts and Sciences, and request to live in Wright Hall as your first choice in residence hall accommodation on your housing application. If you have additional questions about joining this community, contact the Wells/Atonkwa Village Living-Learning Community coordinator.  The earlier you apply for your residence hall, the more likely it is that you will receive a Living Learning Community assignment.
Coordinator contact information:
Professor Christina McVay, Department of Pan-African Studies 330-672-0163