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Jamaica Study Abroad

Jamaica: History and Culture in Context
Black River, Jamaica

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Jamaica Study Abroad 2016

QUICK FACTS                                                                                                      
Professor Name:Amoaba Gooden
Total Estimated Cost: In state:  $4,510.00    Out of State:$5,596.00
Course and Credits:  PAS 43395; 3 Credits
Program dates:December 29, 2016 – Jan. 10. 2017
Application deadline:September 23, 2016

Course Name and CRN: PAS ST 43395 Section 002; Jamaica in Culture and Context, CRN TBD

Location(s): Jamaica
Jamaica study abroad 1
Course Description: This travel abroad experience will explore the lives of African Caribbean people in Jamaica. It is designed to increase students’ knowledge of the Caribbean by exploring the forces that have shaped the socio-economic and cultural history of the region. In addition, this course will explore the impact of tourism on the Caribbean economy, the importance of national culture and the particularities in the articulation of Caribbean identity.

KSU Sponsoring College: 
Arts and Science

Brief description of the program: This course is a 12-day experiential learning experience that will introduce students to the history, culture and social-economic life experience of the Jamaican people. Based in Black River, St. Elizabeth Jamaica, this course will cover topics in public health, education, public policy, and government. Students will have the opportunity to participate in a social service component as they think critically about the impact of tourism on the Caribbean. 

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TENTATIVE ITINERARY                                                  

When: December 29, 2016-Jan. 10, 2017

Program highlights/ Itinerary:
Boat Tour
Community Service Days
Accompong Maroon Celebrations
YS Falls
Birding Tour/Hiking on Nature Reserve

Kingston/Port Royal
Bob Marley Museum/National Gallery
Port Royal Marine Lab
Balaclava/Appleton tour
Jamaican Cooking and Indigenous Foods
Dance lessons 

Pre-requisites: none

Maximum capacity: 12

Program fee includes: flight, accommodation, meals, museum entrance fees, local transportation, and activity fees and tips.

Estimated personal expenses include: snacks, souvenir shopping, free time activities, etc.

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PROGRAM FEES                                                                     
Detailed cost breakdown:
Tuition: In State: $1368 / Out of State $2454.00
Program fees: $2298.00
Flight: $785.00
Estimated personal expenses: $160.00
Application fee: $60.00
HTH health insurance: $24.00
Total Estimated Cost: $4695.00 / $5781.00
Please note that the fee on the original flyer is incorrect.

Application deadline: October 31, 2016
Payment deadline: October 31, 2016
Final Payment: November 25, 2016
Withdrawal deadline: TBD

Faculty name: Amoaba Gooden
Email: agooden@kent.edu
Phone: 330 672-0142
Office location on campus: Oscar Ritchie Hall, rm 127
Brief Bio: Amoaba Gooden is the Chair and an Associate Professor in the Department of Pan-African Studies. Her research and travel experiences focuses on the Caribbean.