Model African Union- Washington D.C.

Study African politics “in practice” and the achievements and obstacles of the African Union (AU) by meeting with African diplomats and scholars in Washington D.C.; and learn African history by preparing for, attending, and writing about a simulated summit of the African Union in Washington D.C. for one week.

Students study past and current issues that confront Africa and the African Union (AU). The African Union is Africa’s equivalent of the European Union. In addition to attending classes here at KSU throughout the semester, students travel with a DPAS professor to Washington, D.C. to attend a mock meeting of the AU where global policies and economic, social and political issues facing Africa will be discussed. These issues include health, education, human rights, finances, women’s rights, literacy, environment, foreign policy, international relations, public policy, child soldiers, border conflicts, war, peace, immigration, the arts and others.

In Washington, D.C., students also visit Howard University, different African Embassies, and work with students and faculty from 30 American universities and colleges who also participate in the Model AU.