Robin Wright, ’12, Assistant Director of Social Change & Leadership, University of Cincinnati

Equity & Inclusion Change Consultant experienced in working with Nonprofit & Corporate Leaders, K-12 Educators and Administrators, and Higher Education Faculty and Staff. Skilled in the art of facilitation and the creation of customized diversity trainings complete with evaluation components. A proven change agent who possesses both practical experience and a firm pedagogical foundation on topics related to cultural change, equity, and inclusion.


“My academic experience at Kent State has been largely shaped and impacted by the Department of Pan-African Studies.  All of the classes I’ve taken in that department have greatly influenced and developed my perception of the world, of African Cultures and of myself.

Choosing to obtain a bachelor's degree in Pan-African Studies from Kent State University is one of the best academic and professional decisions I have ever made. Pan-African Studies equipped me with the knowledge and tools necessary for my personal and professional development by challenging me to think critically about the historical and contemporary "systems" and "institutions" that continue to shape our world. Through Pan-African Studies not only did I develop a deeper sense of self and cultural pride, but I also studied the various strategies and frameworks for community engagement and development. Since graduating, I have continued to utilize those skills in my graduate study as well as in my career.

Like all recent graduates, solidifying gainful and meaningful employment was among the difficulties faced after completing my degree; however, my difficulties were mitigated by the strong mentorship and support I received from faculty in the Department of Pan-African Studies who constantly encouraged me to cultivate my professional skills throughout undergrad. They encouraged and supported me as I engaged in internships and opportunities that allowed me to utilize the knowledge and skills accumulated in the classroom. There are a plethora of organizations and institutes doing very important work around issues related to the things I learned in Pan-African studies and the faculty in the department helped to connect me to those opportunities. Furthermore, I received amazing recommendations that enabled me to obtain a full-ride fellowship to graduate school. Needless to say, I owe much of my success to my wonderful experience in the Department of Pan-African Studies at Kent State University."