Interested in Graduate Studies?

Recent studies show that, as a group, Philosophy majors outperform most other majors and all business, pre-law, and liberal arts majors on the GRE (Graduate Records Exam)! Philosophy majors, out of 51 reported majors, earned the highest mean score on the Analytical Writing section of the exam.

MAJOR AREA OF STUDY MEAN GRE SCORE: Verb.+Quant./Analytical Writing 2013-16
Physics and Astronomy 318/3.8
Mathematical Sciences 316/3.6
Philosophy 314/4.3
Economics 314/3.8
Chemistry 311/3.7
Political Science 308/4.1
Foreign Language/Literature 307/4.0
Biological Sciences 307/3.8
English Language/Literature 306/4.2
History 304/4.1
Computer/Information Services 302/3.1
Psychology 301/3.9
Sociology 301/3.8
Business Administration 301/3.6
Accounting 301/3.4
Communications 299/3.7

(Source: Educational Testing Service, GRE Guide to use of Scores, 2017-18, pp. 26–29)