Keyword Index

As an aid to website visitors who are searching for information about a particular physics research topic or technique, the index below lists keywords for the main topics and techniques under investigation in our department, and connects these keywords to the faculty member(s) most closely involved. The web pages for relevant faculty member(s) offer additional particulars, including contact information.


Faculty Member(s)

baryon resonances Manley
bioinformatics Portman
biophysics Allender, Balci, Kumar, Mann, Portman
biopolymers Allender, Portman
biological membranes Allender, Portman
biomaterials (lipids, surfactants, cholesterols) Allender, Mann
carbon nanotube polymer composites Kumar, Sprunt
complex fluids Gleeson, Mann
computational biophysics Portman
computational physics Portman
DNA physics Balci
education (sponsored research) Barrick, Christensen, Ellman, Emmons, Katramatou, Mann, Portman
electrohydrodynamics Gleeson
field-theory Fai, Quader, Tandy
fluorescence correlation spectroscopy Kumar, Mann
grid computing Keane, Margetis
Hall effect Almasan, Schroeder
heavy-ion collisions Fai, Keane, Margetis
heavy fermions Almasan, Quader, Schroeder
high temp superconductors Almasan, Ellman, Quader, Schroeder
liquid crystals Allender, Finotello, Gleeson, Kumar, Mann, Sprunt
magnetoresistance Almasan, Schroeder
magnetic properties of materials Almasan, Schroeder
microcalorimetry Ellman, Finotello
microfabrication Kumar
microscopy (tunneling and atomic force) Ellman
millikelvin refrigeration Almasan, Ellman, Finotello
nanomaterials Kumar, Sprunt
neutron detectors Anderson, Madey, Watson
neutron polarimeters Anderson, Madey, Watson
neutron scattering (condensed matter) Kumar, Schroeder
nuclear form factors Anderson, Katramatou, Madey, Petratos, Watson
nuclear magnetic resonance Finotello
nuclear structure Anderson, Madey, Watson
optics (electro-optics, nonlinear, etc) Gleeson, Sprunt
partial-wave analyses Manley
particle/nuclear physics Anderson, Fai, Katramatou, Keane, Madey, Manley, Margetis, Petratos, Tandy, Watson
pattern-recognition software & neural nets Keane, Margetis
protein folding & protein interactions Portman
quark-gluon physics Fai, Keane, Margetis
relativistic nuclear collisions Fai, Keane, Margetis
RNA dynamics Portman
semiconductors (organic) Ellman
single molecule fluorescence Balci
spin of the nucleon Anderson, Katramatou, Petratos, Watson
SQUID magnetometry Ellman
structure functions (neutron & proton) Katramatou, Petratos
superconductivity Almasan, Ellman, Quader, Schroeder
superfluidity Finotello
surface physics Finotello, Mann
synchrotron x-ray scattering Kumar
two-dimensional systems Finotello, Mann
x-ray scattering Kumar