KSU/NASA Observatory

The KSU/NASA Observatory is temporarily closed for repairs.  Please check this site for information on resumption of operations.  Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience

41° 8' 31" N latitude       81° 19' 56" W longitude

spaceFor many years, the physics department operated a 12-inch telescope in an observatory located near the highest elevation on campus, close to the Police Department. That facility was dismantled to make way for a water tower. In November 1997, a new robotic 12-inch telescope was put into service, jointly sponsored and operated for public viewing by the physics department and a NASA-funded project in the College of Education.

The KSU/NASA observatory is normally open for public observing on Friday evenings (weather permitting) beginning about one-half hour after sunset and lasting until about 10:30 pm. The sessions are free and open to all ages. The observatory is staffed by Kent State University students who will show you the wonders of the night sky.

Some Helpful Reminders About Public Observing Sessions

  • There may be evenings where changing weather conditions force us to close early. If the weather looks marginal, please call (330) 672-9747 to confirm that we are indeed open.
  • The Observatory is not heated. If you plan visit us in the winter months, please dress accordingly.
  • The Observatory is located at the end of a gravel driveway (approx. 200 ft. long)
  • If you or someone in your party has special needs, please contact the Department of Physics in advance, and we shall try to provide appropriate accommodations.
  • The Observatory does not have restrooms.
  • The dome proper only has room for about 8 people at once. We try to have a person outside the structure to answer questions, and often attending a portable telescope on the terrace.
  • If you have binoculars you may want to bring them. There are many interesting objects that are visible with binoculars that you cannot see with the unaided eye.