News from the Nucleus

There is a lot of news from the nucleus, all of it real!  The physics of the atomic nucleus -- in which not only quantum chromodynamics but all of the standard model plays a part -- gives rise to a tower of emergent phenomena at different resolution scales. Historically, describing these phenomena microscopically has been limited to good empirical models. But dramatic advances in theoretical methods applied to nuclear structure and reactions are enabling new confrontations of microscopic calculations with data from present experiments and astronomical observations, as well as with forthcoming results from the Facility for Rare Isotope Beams (FRIB) and other planned facilities. This science includes explorations to the limits of nuclear existence, the physics of neutron stars and the origin of heavy elements, and studies of fundamental symmetries and neutrinos. I will report on the state of low-energy nuclear studies and the associated scientific frontiers, emphasizing the key role of theoretical tools such as effective field theory and the renormalization group.