Physics Colloquium Spring 2019

All colloquia take place Thursdays at 1:30 pm in Smith Hall 111, unless otherwise noted.  (Schedule for Fall 2018)

Date Description
Jan 17                
No Colloquium: start of semester
Jan 24
Professor of Physics
University of Illinois at Chicago
Title: The Challenge of Discovering QCD Critical Point (Abstract)
Host: Mike Strickland
Jan 31
Department of Physics
Kent State University
Title: Nanoarchitectures and Biophysical Tools made from DNA (Abstract)
Host: Khandker Quader
Feb 7
Department of Physics & Astronomy
University of Texas at San Antonio
Title: Extent and Persistence of Magnetic Interactions in Ultra-short 1D Fe Chains
         with Controlled Boundary Conditions (Abstract)
Host: Benjamin Fregoso
Feb 14
Department of Physics
Kent State University
Title: Optical Devices Based on Pancharatnam Phase (Abstract)
Host: Khandker Quader
Feb 21 
Department of Mathematics
Vanderbilt University
Title: Viscous Fluids in Relativity Theory (Abstract)
Host: Veronica Dexheimer
Feb 28
Herchel Smith Professor of Physics
Harvard University
Title: Strange Metals and Black Holes (Abstract)
Host: Khandker Quader
Mar 7   
No Colloquium: APS March Meeting
Mar 14 
Professor, Materials Science & Engg and Applied Physics & Applied Mathematics
Columbia University
Title: When Hard Materials Act Soft: Local Symmetry Breaking in Materials,
        How to find it, and Why You Should Care about It (Abstract)
Host: Khandker Quader
Mar 21
Dr. Joseph Sauvageau
System Manager, Astronomy, Physics and Space Technology Directorate
NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Caltech
Title: Jet Propulsion Laboratory: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow (Abstract)
Host: Khandker Quader
Mar 28 No colloquium: Spring Break
April 4
Department of Physics & Astronomy
Rutgers University
Title: Studying Hot QCD with Jets  (Abstract)
Host: Veronica Dexheimer
April 11
Colonel Alan and Margaret Crow Professor of Physics
University of Florida, Gainesville
Title: Fermi Liquids: Twisted and Under Duress (Abstract)
Host: Maxim Dzero
April 18
Social and Behavioral Science, College of Public Health
Kent State University
Title: TBA
Host: Veronica Dexheimer
April 25
Department of Geology
Kent State University
Title: The Importance of Rust in Arctic Soils (Abstract)
Host: Khandker Quader