Recent Research Projects

The following list provides examples of some topics investigated as undergraduate research projects by physics majors at Kent State University since Spring 2000:

  • Aerogel Applications in Fuel Cell Technology
  • Diffusion-limited Reactions of Flexible Proteins
  • The Effect of Solar Irradiation on Solar Cells
  • Electronics and Optoelectronics: History and Technological Applications
  • Langmuir Monolayers - Dynamics and Molecular Conformations
  • Modeling DNA Denaturation at the Atomic Scale
  • Monitoring of Sunspot Activity
  • Multichannel Two-Body Scattering in Nonrelativistic Quantum Mechanics
  • The Possibility of Time Travel
  • Resistivity Studies in High Temperature Cuprates
  • Spin Matrices and Quantum Theory
  • The Structure of the Nucleon
  • Study of the Optical Properties of Magnetic Spectrometers with Large Volume Quadrupole Magnets