Application Systems for the Alumni Organization | Kent State University

Application Systems for the Alumni Organization

Paper applications forms can get messy quick, passing from person to person across departments. What if someone let’s your application sit on their desk for too long? What if they lose it? This can be solved simply by changing the paper forms to electronic forms, which is what we did for the student alumni association and kent state student ambassadors.

These two groups in the Alumni Organization both decided to change a paper form into an online form. We started by showing them a product that we created that’s already in production, BARA (be an RA). This was an online form that the residents assistants already use. They decided that they liked the BARA product, so we cloned it twice and adjusted it slightly for each group’s needs.

The whole development process was very short and only had a student worker working on adjusting the cloned products. This was a big win for us because of the short development time. It’s a very big deal to take a long process and shorten it all while not losing quality or functionality.

In the end, if you want to apply to be a student ambassador, you can apply online and keep up with your application as it goes through it’s whole process. If you get an interview, it will let you know, your references can send their reference online through this product, and it reduces the time and paper that it normally takes to apply!