Campus Bird Provides a New and Easy way to access Campus Information | Systems Development | Kent State University
Campus Bird Provides a New and Easy way to access Campus Information
POSTED: Monday, July 6, 2015 - 1:46pm
Rizman Plaza

I remember my first semester at Kent. It’s terrifying, exciting, and confusing. It’s one thing to arrive to an entirely new area, but it’s another to try to figure out where everything is. The information can be overwhelming and, while the upperclassmen can be helpful, there’s no way to know everything about the campus. The first day of class is especially terrifying because is a journey you take alone. Where can you find lunch? What is the shortest way to your class? When they say the Auditorium, do they mean the MACC or Cartwright Hall? Even employees can have trouble finding buildings on campus.


Well we’ve found a surprisingly easy way for you to access to this information. Platform & Integration Solutions has launched a new interactive campus map for all campuses through Campus Bird, a mapping and media services product specifically geared toward higher education institutions. It allows students, faculty and the community to access important information all in one place.


What’s special about this campus map is the amount of information the University has put in the map. You can find specific parking, academic areas, housing, bus stops, dining, and much more! What’s even more is the map is in 3D, so now you can see what buildings look like.


And did I mention there is a map for every campus? So this doesn’t just affect Kent Campus students, staff, and faculty, it benefits everyone. While the Kent Campus map is the only fully completed map, Platform & Integration Solutions is working on populating the other already 3D campuses. This will benefit every campus and make it easier for visitors and new students to find where to go.

This is an incredible step forward for Kent State University, and I recommend you check the map out! It’s pretty neat.