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New Self Service Wireless Connecting

Have you heard of our recent self-service project? If you’re living in a residence hall and have a wirelessly connecting device, like an Xbox one, Roku, smart Blu-ray player, or a Wii U, this project has affected you in a BIG way!


Normally to connect your device you would have to create a helpdesk ticket. Depending on when you submitted this ticket, it could take a few days to connect your device. So, say you bought a new gaming system over the weekend, if you wanted to get it hooked up right away so you could play, the ticket wouldn’t be through until Monday. This is very inconvenient.


This self-service project aimed to connect devices in seconds instead of days. A student is directed to a self-service portal where instructions help them find the mac address on their device and add the device in a matter of seconds.


After this project was finished and implemented, an average of 20 students a week have been using the self-service to connect their wireless device.


Our project team consisted of a couple of our developers, Tom B. and Tristen Cuevas. The project was done in outsystems, a cloud based application development software suite that talks to other systems, like info blocks, a networking system. This system checks if the mac address exists already and if it doesn’t, adds it.


This was a very successful self-service project and we hope students take full advantage of it.

Stay tuned for more of our projects!

POSTED: Monday, January 25, 2016 - 11:22am
UPDATED: Friday, February 17, 2017 - 2:36pm