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Portal Redesign Project Kickoff
POSTED: Monday, July 6, 2015 - 2:08pm

The Portal Redesign Project has Begun!

Platform & Integration Solutions  has embarked on a new journey into the recreation of Portal. The launch of the project happened early at the start of the New Year as a small group met to discuss the future of Portal.


What is Portal?

Portal is what most students, faculty, and staff call Flashine. It contains hundreds of important links that users may need. Portal is split into tabs of different subjects with related links grouped under each tab. While the list of links is inconvenient, they do their job, which is to take the user from Flashline to the destination website of choice with user credentials brought along with them. Blackboard and Email are good examples of the Portal being used, because users always arrive to each site, logged in.


Why is Portal Being Redesigned?

The current problem right now with the Portal  is the organization of all of the links. A user has to manually go through all of the different tabs to find any specific thing they may need. This can be inconvenient for users because they may not have any idea where to find what they’re looking for.


What are the Plans for Future Portal?

The discussions held were that of early development. What will the finished Portal look like? What kind of roles will be created for different user types? Should there still be tabs? Will it be accessible to everyone? While it’s still in the development stage, Platform & Integration Solutions has been brainstorming, discussing, and testing to see how information in the Portal can be better organized. Users also, hopefully, won’t see information that is irrelevant to them. There is also talk about a search inside of the Portal, so that information is easy to find.


The hope is that the new Portal will be better than before, so stay tuned for updates!