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Administrative policy regarding use of university facilities

  1. Policy statement.
    1. Utilization of university facilities for authorized instructional purposes takes precedence over all other uses. The registrar of the university is responsible for scheduling university facilities for such instructional purposes.
    2. University facilities may be used for activities other than authorized instruction only when these activities relate to the university's missions of teaching, research and service. Furthermore, the university reserves the right to permit utilization of its facilities only when it determines the proposed activity is in full compliance with all university policies, rules, regulations and procedures, and is in the best interest of the university.
  2. Definitions.
    1. "Facility" is defined as any area or building under the jurisdiction of the board except the regional campuses.
    2. "Facility curator" is defined as a member of the faculty or staff appointed by the vice president for administration upon the recommendation of the appropriate vice president.
  3. Eligibility.
    1. University groups or individuals eligible to request use of university facilities.
      1. Officially recognized units of the university, those being the colleges, schools, departments, offices, committees, and faculty-staff members, may request space in connection with their official university duties or responsibilities.
      2. Registered student organizations may request space for activities in consonance with their organization's stated purposes
    2. Nonuniversity groups or individuals eligible to request use of university facilities. The use of university facilities by nonuniversity groups, organizations or individuals must be requested and sponsored by an academic or administrative department or a registered student organization. Any party making such a request shall be responsible for all expenses and damages incurred. The sponsor of such party may lose the privilege of sponsorship in the event such party fails to adhere to all university policies, rules and regulations, as well as local, state and federal legal requirements.
  4. Procedures.
    1. The conference bureau and university scheduling office is the official university agency responsible for coordinating the use of university facilities for other than authorized instruction. All requests for such use of facilities shall be submitted to the conference bureau and university scheduling office. Advertising for an event prior to approval is expressly prohibited and may result in revocation of the privilege of use any facilities. A facility curator shall coordinate and monitor the usage of each facility
    2. Facilities available for scheduling. Due to a wide variety of university facilities, specific priorities and conditions will be developed for each individual facility by the conference bureau and university scheduling office in concert with the facility curator and/or other appropriate university officials. The facilities are as follows:
      1. Auxiliary services.
        1. Ice arena;
        2. Golf course;
        3. University airport;
        4. Residence services:
          1. Residence halls and related facilities; and
          2. Eastway recreation area.
        5. Kent student center including plaza; and
        6. All parking and traffic lots.
      2. All others.
        1. Classroom facilities:
          1. Seminar rooms;
          2. Classrooms accommodating up to one hundred twenty-five persons;
          3. Lecture halls accommodating one hundred twenty-six up to three hundred fifty persons.
        2. Large assembly facilities accommodating three hundred fifty persons.
        3. Collegial and departmental conference rooms.
        4. Outdoor facilities:
          1. Athletic facilities; and
          2. All others.
    3. Facilities not available for use or available only under highly restricted conditions.
      1. Office facilities, either academic or nonacademic.
      2. Laboratory areas including computer laboratories, for one or more of the following reasons:
        1. The specialized nature and arrangement of furniture and equipment may make these areas suitable for a single or narrow range of strictly academic activity.
        2. These areas usually must be available on an open basis for academic study and practices outside scheduled hours of use.
        3. These areas usually contain valuable and/or sensitive equipment which must be protected from theft or careless or inexperienced use. The possible use of laboratory areas may not be entirely precluded for special demonstrations or participatory activities, provided specific consent and close supervision can be given by the department which controls the areas.
      3. Designated areas within residence halls.
      4. University libraries.
      5. University health services.
Policy Effective Date: 
Mar. 01, 2015
Policy Prior Effective Dates: 
11/4/1977, 4/25/1980, 9/6/1991, 3/7/2000, 6/4/2003, 10/3/2005, 6/1/2007