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All Political Science majors will be assigned to a faculty advisor in the Political Science Department. This is a great contact person for students seeking information about political science courses, academic success, graduate school, or career development. Our faculty have

F2018 Office Hours
Professor Office Number  Hours 
Chris Banks 19 MW 1-4

  each week. Feel free to drop by or make an appointment by emailing your faculty advisor directly. If you have not been assigned a faculty advisor, please contact our Undergraduate Coordinator, Dr. Joshua Stacher.

If you are interested in talking about majoring or minoring in Political Science or majoring in Global Studies, or if you are looking for specific advice on the requirements of the major or the minor, transferring credits or studying abroad, or the progression of your academic career, you can make an appointment with our Undergraduate Coordinator, Dr. Stacher. It is a good idea to schedule an advising appointment ahead of time and bring any relevant materials with you (including your Banner ID and any paperwork). Dr. Stacher can be emailed directly with questions or to schedule an advising appointment.

Students with questions about university or college requirements, graduation planning, or non-major/minor related questions should make an appointment with the advisors in the College of Arts and Sciences. You can do so in person at 105 Bowman Hall or schedule an appointment online.

For additional information, contact:

Dr. Joshua Stacher
302 Bowman Hall, Room 17
Professor Stacher




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