Global Studies Major

Global Studies   

The Bachelor of Arts degree in Global Studies offer an interdisciplinary curriculum that allows students to explore how migration, repression, development, marginalization and resistance, among other processes, are affected by transnational forces. Those forces include capital, labor, ideologies and colonial structures. Students investigate how they can have an impact on these and other global issues.

Coursework in the major is offered from across the social sciences and humanities. The aim is to provide an interdisciplinary platform that increases flexibility and creativity while also emphasizing language training. Courses are clustered into three areas of research and offer students the chance to learn about several regions of the world, including the Caribbean, Africa, Latin America, Europe, Russia, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and East Asia. Students are also exposed to advanced foreign language and strongly encouraged to study abroad. The three general elective areas are "Global Politics," "Global Economics," and "Global Societies." 

The requirements for this major are in the university catalog

Study Abroad/Away Opportunities

Kent State University and our department have various Study Abroad and Study Away options. The department of Political Science, where Global Studies is housed, has faculty that lead study abroad courses to Germany and Israel/Palestine. The department's faculty also regularly participate in the college's Destination Florence Program as well as in the Florence Summer Institute. Lastly, we also encourage students in Global Studies to think about contributing to change through the renowned Washington Program as well as the Columbus Program

Student Organizations

A host of student organizations committed to various causes as well as research and education supplement and enrich the classroom work students do with a Global Studies major.

Career Opportunities

While the best known career opportunity for students in Global Studies is diplomacy, graduates find employment in many other fields.  A variety of governmental organizations, such as the State, Commerce and Defense Departments, Homeland Security and national intelligence and security agencies, seek out students with training in transnational and global processes. 

International organizations, such as the United Nations and its affiliated agencies, similarly desire employees with the broad background a baccalaureate degree in International Relations provides.  Non-governmental organizations with interests in refugee assistance, economic development, fair trade, human rights and immigration regularly hire students with an International Relations degree.

Private sector positions are available in financial, research and lobbying firms and in multi-national corporations with business interests around the globe.

Recent graduates with degrees in Global Studies often apply to serve in the Peace Corps, an agency of the United States government which provides economic and social development assistance to developing countries and their citizens around the world. International organizations and corporations often seek out individuals who have had this worthwhile and rewarding experience abroad.

The undergraduate Global Studies degree also prepares students for the rigors of graduate school in a wide range of areas including international affairs, political science, public policy, economic development, and business management.  Additionally many graduates go on to pursue law degrees with a focus on international law.

Admission Requirements

Freshman Students on the Kent Campus: The freshman admission policy on the Kent Campus is selective. Admission decisions are based upon the following: cumulative grade point average, ACT and/or SAT scores, strength of high school college preparatory curriculum and grade trends. The Admissions Office at the Kent Campus may defer the admission of students who do not meet admissions criteria but who demonstrate areas of promise for successful college study. Deferred applicants may begin their college coursework at one of seven regional campuses of Kent State University. For more information on admissions, including additional requirements for some academic programs, visit the admissions website for new freshmen.

Freshman Students on the Regional Campuses: Kent State campuses at Ashtabula, East Liverpool, Geauga, Salem, Stark, Trumbull and Tuscarawas, as well as the Regional Academic Center in Twinsburg, have open enrollment admission for students who hold a high school diploma, GED or equivalent.

English Language Proficiency Requirements for International Students: All international students must provide proof of English language proficiency (unless they meet specific exceptions) by earning a minimum 525 TOEFL score (71 on the Internet-based version), minimum 75 MELAB score, minimum 6.0 IELTS score or minimum 48 PTE score, or by completing the ESL level 112 Intensive Program. For more information on international admission, visit the Office of Global Education’s admission website.

Transfer, Transitioning and Former Students: For more information about admission criteria for transfer, transitioning and former students, please visit the admissions website.

Advanced Degree Programs

Political Science (M.A.)