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Casey Boyd-Swan

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Casey Boyd-Swan is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Political Science. Her primary research area focuses on the impact of early care and education environments on measures of family and child well-being, including child cognitive and behavioral development, health and physical well-being, and parental mental and physical health.

Recent research includes examining the population of parents and children who use nonparental child care during evening and overnight hours, implementing resume audit studies to identify how child care centers perceive “quality” during hiring decisions, and exploring measures of self-reported happiness as potential markers of public policies’ success or failure, particularly for disadvantaged groups. Her broader research agenda is to provide a more nuanced and rigorous examination of how early childhood experiences influence children’s well-being, both contemporaneously and as they age. Her scholarly work has been published in the Journal of Urban Economics and the Institute for the Study of Labor (IZA) Discussion Paper Series.

Scholarly and Professional Activities:

Boyd-Swan, C., Herbst, C. M., Ifcher, J., & Zarghamee, H. (2013). The earned income tax credit, health, and happiness. Discussion Paper No. 7261, Institute for the Study of Labor (IZA). (Under review at the Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization)

Boyd-Swan, C. & Herbst, C.M. (2012). Pain at the Pump: Gasoline Prices and Subjective Well-Being. Journal of Urban Economics, 72(2), 160-175. 

Job Title

Assistant Professor

Job Department

Department of Political Science