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Casey Boyd-Swan

Department of Political Science
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302-25 Bowman Hall
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Casey Boyd-Swan is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Political Science. Her research focuses on public policy issues related to parental employment, early education labor markets, and child and family well-being.

Recent research includes an investigation of parents and children who use nonparental child care during evening and overnight hours, an examination of provider hiring decisions in the early education labor market drawing on audit study data, and evaluations of public policy efficacy as it relates to parental mental health, particularly for those belonging to disadvantaged groups. Her broader research agenda is to understand how public policy - particularly that which designates US welfare programs - impacts child and family well-being. Her research has been published in outlets such as Educational Researcher, Labour Economics, Journal of Public Economics, Journal of Urban Economics, and Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization. Her work has also been presented at academic conferences such as Society of Labor Economists, Population Association of America, American Society for Public Administration, and Association for Public Policy Analysis & Management.  

Dr. Boyd-Swan teaches several courses in the department, including Research Methods (POL 30001), Quantitative Methods II (POL 70004), Program Evaluation (PADM 60379), Women, Politics & Policy (POL 40470), Health & Social Policy (POL 40450), and Scope & Epistemology (POL 70002).



Boyd-Swan, C. & Herbst, C.M. (forthcoming). Racial and Ethnic Discrimination in the Labor Market for Child Care Teachers. Educational Researcher.


Boyd-Swan, C. H. (2019). Nonparental Child Care during Nonstandard Hours: Does Participation Influence Child Well-being?. Labour Economics, 57, 85-101.


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Boyd-Swan, C. H., & Molina, A. D. (2019). Public Service Integrity and the Quality of Governance: Examining the Role of Citizen-Administrator Value Congruence. Public Integrity, 21(3), 229-247.


Boyd-Swan, C., Herbst, C. M., Ifcher, J., & Zarghamee, H. (2016). The earned income tax credit, health, and happiness. Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 126(Part A), 18-38.


Boyd-Swan, C. & Herbst, C.M. (2012). Pain at the Pump: Gasoline Prices and Subjective Well-Being. Journal of Urban Economics, 72(2), 160-175.



Ph.D. in Public Administration & Policy, Arizona State University, 2015, M.P.P. in Public Policy, Arizona State University, 2010, B.S. in Justice Studies & Social Inquiry, Arizona State University, 2008


Public Policy, Policy Analysis & Program Evaluation, public administration, Early childhood education, marginalized populations, Quantitative Research Methods, Research design


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