Pre-Law Program

Kent State’s Pre-Law Program is the preeminent source for pre-law study in Northeast Ohio.

The pre-law program is committed to educating students about the significant role lawyers, and responsible citizenship, play in shaping American politics, public affairs and local communities.

Its mission is to cultivate professional identities that values public service, active citizenship and a dedication to advancing justice for all.  

It boasts:

In the fall 2022, there are a number of exciting, timely and cutting-edge virtual panels, constitutional conversations, and Constitution Day events!

Webinar Panel ThemeSupreme Court Activism or Restraint in Today’s Culture Wars

  • Topics: abortion rights, gun rights, religious freedom, Ohio redistricting, and climate change (with Kent State professors, plus law faculty from area law schools)

In-Person Constitutional Conversations' Theme: Discussions of the U.S. Constitution’s Meaning and Political Significance

  • Topics: freedom of speech, legal precedent reversals, [Constitutional hardball/politically extreme] U.S. Supreme Court Justice Appointments & Confirmations, and "shadow docket" judicial policy-making

View Webinar Panels, Constitutional Conversations (Fall, 2022 Schedule)



    Our students have many extracurricular and community service opportunities, including:

    • Internships
    • Kent State's Mock Trial team
    • Pre-Law Club
    • Phi Alpha Delta (a chapter in a legal fraternity)
    • Study Away Courses
      Pre-law students at the U.K. Supreme Court
      Pre-law students at the U.K. Supreme Court

    Student Success

    Of 2020-21 senior Kent State law school applicants:

    • 85% were accepted to law school 
    • Highest Average LSAT Score 153
    • Highest Average GPA 3.43

    In recent years, Kent State students have been accepted into top law schools including Cornell Law School, Emory University School of Law, Penn State University Dickinson Law School, Notre Dame Law School, The Ohio State University Moritz College of Law,  Vanderbilt Law School, Harvard, Columbia, New York University, University of Chicago, Pennsylvania, and California-Berkeley.

    Kent State remains an important feeder school for Ohio law schools!

    • Pre-law is not a major at Kent State, though political science is often a focus for pre-law study. In addition to the pre-law minor, Kent State partners with the Cleveland Marshall College of Law and the University of Akron Law to offer a 3+3 Bachelor's/Law Degree program, allowing students to complete their degrees in a total of 6 years instead of the traditional 7.

    • Our students receive individual guidance and counseling on:

      • political science and inter-disciplinary undergraduate coursework
      • law school admissions process
      • preparing a successful application to law school
      • LSAT preparation
      • legal and alternative professional careers
    • The pre-law program trains students to develop the skills crucial to an attorney’s professional life, including:

      • reading comprehension of complex legal documents
      • problem-solving
      • effective and articulate oral and written communication
      • logical reasoning and critical analysis
      • ethical public service
    • Through the Pre-Law, Service, Citizenship, and Justice Living Learning Community, our program emphasizes the importance of creating a professional identity that values proactive engagement in providing public service and community outreach in public affairs.