Call to Action | Office of the President | Kent State University

Call to Action

The results of the Discovery and Research process and the Focus Groups led to the identification of themes that we thought were important to continue to explore with our Kent State community. Through a Call to Action, we asked members of the university community to provide their thoughts, ideas and ambitions through email, group meetings, postcards and social media. Using BeBoldKSU as our rallying cry, we initiated our call to action with the graphic image of the front campus rock serving as our logo. President Warren sent out emails and Tweets (#BeBoldKSU) asking stakeholders to respond to such questions as what core values should frame our bold vision and what institutional qualities define a distinctive Kent State.

Our BeBoldKSU email campaign drew 300 responses from faculty (n=110), staff (n=110) and students (n=101). Fourteen additional responses were from individuals who were not identified as faculty, staff or students. Additionally, more than 45 Tweets and 40 postcards were collected in response to our BeBoldKSU call to action. Responses regarding our core values, our bold vision and our distinctiveness included such themes as

  • Respect and integrity;
  • Diversity;
  • Global mindedness;
  • Leadership, commitment and engagement;
  • Focus on learning, critical thinking and excellent teaching;
  • A supportive, welcoming campus culture;
  • Innovation, inspiration and growth; and
  • Communication, cooperation and collaboration.