Focus Groups

Using the findings from recent key initiatives, historic information and responses to the Discovery Questionnaire as beginning points, we began focus group interviews across the university’s campuses in March. We held 32 focus groups made up of 4-15 individuals from such membership as undergraduate students, graduate students, faculty from all campuses, staff and administration from all campuses, deans, board members and units (e.g., Athletics; University Communications and Marketing; Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion; Institutional Advancement). Altogether, over 220 people participated in the focus groups.

Through these focus groups, faculty, staff, students and administrators were asked to respond to questions that allowed them to share their personal Kent State stories and to address questions that arose from the data review. For example, members of our community provided their impressions of the best attributes of Kent State and told what hopes and dreams they have for our future by discussing questions such as:

  • What brought you to Kent State University? What keeps you at Kent State?
  • What are we doing well? What could we do better?
  • What would happen if there was no Kent State?
  • What are we deeply passionate about?
  • How is Kent State different from other universities? How do we know?