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Quantitative Surveys

After the town hall meeting that introduced the draft vision statement, the Strategic Visioning Advisory Committee and members of the working committee sent quantitative surveys to the Kent State community and several groups of key stakeholders, including staff, faculty, alumni, current students, prospective students (11th graders who are college-bound) and prospective students’ parents. The surveys asked respondents to rank the extent to which they perceived the attributes noted in the draft vision statement are descriptive of Kent State.

The surveys were open from May 15-May 31, 2015. We sent email invitations containing the online survey links to our students, faculty, staff and alumni while 160over90 sent the invitations to prospective students and parents of prospective students. We had a tremendous response to the surveys, with over 4,000 completed surveys collected.

The results of the surveys showed that all of the attributes related to the draft vision statement were seen as important to a majority of our external audiences (prospective students and parents) and all of the attributes were seen as moderately important to important to a majority of our internal audiences (current students, faculty, staff and  alumni). These findings suggest that the university does indeed deliver on these key factors that are integral to the proposed Kent State vision.

Current Undergraduate Students - 1036
Current Graduate Students - 498
Prospective Students - 484
Parents of Prospective Students - 175
Faculty and Staff - 565
Alumni - 1277
Total - 4035