Conflict of Interest Statement

Kent State University is a state university that is governed by the policies enacted by the university’s Board of Trustees and the laws, codes and statutes of the State of Ohio.

The regulations contained in Ohio criminal code and ethics statutes state that it is prohibited and improper for an employee, employee’s immediate family, business associate or business creditor to have a business interest to sell or enter into a transactions with the university (conflict of interest). The statutes prohibit an employee from exercising his/her authority or the influence of his/her position to secure a contract or transaction or take any part in the deliberation or decision- making regarding a contract or transactions. 

University Policy # 3342-6-23 specifically reiterates the importance that conflicts of interest are avoided.

In instances that could involve a conflict of interest, it is the policy of the Kent State University Procurement department to:

  1. Solicit competitive bids unless a true competitive advantage can be demonstrated and supported.
  2. Have a Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form filed by the employee.
  3. Ensure that the employee does not exercise authority, influence or take part in the deliberation of the decision making process.

Individuals who have or may have a conflict of interest with the university are responsible for their actions and the consequences thereof. If an employee knows that a conflict of interest exists, it is the responsibility of the employee to complete and forward a Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form to the Procurement department.

If an employee is uncertain about transactions or relationships, contact the Procurement department at 330-672-2276 for assistance.