COVID-19 Related Supplies

COVID-19 - RELATED Supplies

To assist departments in locating COVID related supplies, not currently being offered through ReADY Work, please contact as product offering, availability and pricing changes frequently and we can assist in sourcing. Many common contracts offer PPE.

Visit the COVID FAQ page for details on COVID related supplies offered through FlashTrack. Please note, KN95 masks need to be entered manually in the description box, because they are considered a special request.

It's important to use account number is 72033 "COVID-19 Related Supplies" when purchasing COVID-related supplies directly from a vendor. Account 72033 was created in order to track supplies purchased related to the COVID-19 pandemic purchased directly by departments such as specialized cleaning solutions for sensitive laboratory equipment, specialized face coverings for clinicals, etc. Visit the employee FAQ/For Faculty & Staff: Business Operations page for more information about using account 72033 for COVID related supplies purchased directly through a vendor.

Feel free to contact Procurement at if large quantities or exceptional sizes are needed or you have challenges in supply quantities or availability. We have a large database of supplier contacts and offerings. 

Requests for items through FlashTrack do not need coded to the new account number.