COVID-19 Related Supplies

COVID-19 - RELATED Supplies

To assist departments in locating COVID related supplies, not currently being offered through FlashTrack, listed below are other commonly-requested COVID related supplies from our contracted and vetted vendors.

These items may be found in FlashCart by supplier through the web-based catalogs (i.e. Punchout) or you may contact the supplier directly through the provided information.

Please visit the COVID FAQ page for details on COVID related supplies offered through FlashTrack.

It's important to use account number is 72033 "COVID-19 Related Supplies" when purchasing COVID-related supplies directly from a vendor. Account 72033 was created in order to track supplies purchased related to the COVID-19 pandemic purchased directly by departments such as specialized cleaning solutions for sensitive laboratory equipment, specialized face coverings for clinicals, etc. Visit the employee FAQ/For Faculty & Staff: Business Operations page for more information about using account 72033 for COVID related supplies purchased directly through a vendor.

Feel free to contact Procurement at if large quantities or exceptional sizes are needed or you have challenges in supply quantities or availability. We have a large database of supplier contacts and offerings. 

Requests for items through FlashTrack do not need coded to the new account number.


Face Shields
Face Shield
E-Tint Products
Sales Contact: Avi Taheri
1950 OH-59
Kent, OH 44240
Office: 330-676-1390
Use Coupon Code Kent2020 During Checkout
Ordering Website:
Please Note: A face shield on its own does not provide sufficient protection. This particular face shield is intended to be worn with a cotton face covering. An alternative face shield is available with approval from HR/EOAA (for faculty and staff) and Student Accessibility Services (for students)
Fisher Scientific
Sales Contact: Sue Whitaker
4500 Turnberry Dr.
Hanover Park, IL 60133
Phone: 800-766-7000
Quote#: 0170-6715-64
Order via FlashCart Punchout
Item: 69124H
Isopropyl Alcohol Wipes 70/30
Spectrum Chemical Manufacturing
14422 S San Pedro St.
Gardena, CA 90248
Phone: 800-772-8786
Order via FlashCart Punchout
Item: 125-10026-PR
Please note: These wipes are for disinfecting surfaces and computer devices only while wearing gloves.
Never directly spray an electronic device or screen with a disinfectant.
The "How to Geek" website has offered information on best practices for cleaning electronics.
Alcohol-free Wipes
Alcohol-free Wipes
City Apparel
Sales Contact: Hilary Orians
120 Bentley Ct.
Findlay, OH 45840
Phone: 844-646-0759



Temporary Delivery Instructions

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, all on campus package deliveries should be directed to Mail Services for pick-up except in cases where:

• Employee(s) are on campus to take delivery of the items for the department

• The delivered item(s) requires refrigeration

• The delivery contains hazard materials as defined by OSHA “Hazard Communication Standard (HCS)”, see link for HCS pictograms

Address: Mail Services, 1500 Horning Road Kent, Ohio 44242-0001

Orders can be picked-up between the hours of 8-12 Monday through Thursday. Departments that do not pick-up their items at this time will have their items held until normal operations resume at the University. Mail Services is located on the bottom floor of the Administrative Services Building, see link!m/57846

Thank you for your assistance during these difficult times.

Please contact or with questions about on-campus deliveries during this time